Slowly but surely

The days are slowly melting away until our departure date. I (Anna) am in my last week of work which feels pretty strange, although I must say I’m looking forward to not dealing with other people’s problems for a while and just focusing on one pedal stroke after another.

We are beginning to gather our personal gear and going through the painful (more so for me) task of deciding what we really need to bring with us (bearing in mind we have to push every last gram of gear up those nasty hills). Suddenly those 15 bikinis aren’t looking so enticing anymore..

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The madness that is the gear room (formally known as the spare room at Mum & Dads)

Our final pieces of gear have been tricking in from various suppliers, some second-hand and some brand spanking new (nothing quite compares to getting new gear). Yesterday our Ortlieb panniers and racks arrived so we set to work getting them fitted as soon as we walked in the door.

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Fitting the shiny new panniers to my bike (which now looks like a bumblebee)

Once we were both finished fitting the bikes out we took them for a little spin to see how they felt. These seemingly simple pieces of gear will be our lifelines whilst we are on the road and it’s actually amazing to think how little you need to truly sustain life. It’s very easy to get caught up in having the latest technology or the fanciest gears but I have no doubt in my mind that the experiences we will have on this journey and the joy they will bring us will surpass any materialistic item we could ever get out hands on.

For the mean time though Sam and I are enjoying the luxuries of living with my Mum and Dad in their lovely home on the shore (thanks Mum and Dad!).

That’s all for now

Anna xx

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Speed racer

First timer

Here we go, first blog, ever… This could be one of those initiatives that goes nowhere or it could be awesome. Anna and I have been reading many other blogs over the past weeks (Going Slowly Blog is a great one), desperately trying to grasp an understanding of what all this ‘cycle touring’ is about?! Best piece of advice so far is that zero skill is needed to start out, phew, we are yet to complete even a day trip… But if there’s one thing I have learnt it’s that anything is possible, all you need is a vision and an understanding that things most often work out for the best.

With that in mind we’re off! T-minus 25 days we touch down in Heathrow, London. The plan from there is to spend a few days exploring the birthplace of the industrial revolution, then ride via Stone Henge to Bristol. From Bristol we hope for complete a few short forays over to Wales (where half my blood is from) and then cruise down the South West coast to Plymouth. The ferry will then zip us over to Roscoff Brittany (France), from where is only 56km to Dad’s house in Plouyé.

And that’s about as deep as our grand plan is so far. There’s been a lot of talk of riding to India – WTF – yes England to India has been our underlying vision. Sounds great, but as you can imagine planning such a trip leg for leg is a ridiculous task. So instead we have come up with a different approach. “Let’s just get out there, let’s be open for whatever rolls our way, we’re young, we’ve got time, we’ve got a bit of money saved up, things will all fit in to place and we will undoubtedly have the adventure of a life time!”

Well it feels good to have started this, hope your going to follow along on our journey. For now I better get off this damn computer and out on my new bike!!! Will keep you posted.


Intensive training mission to Long Bay
She finally arrives.