London Town

Off to a great start! (once we got out of Heathrow)

After 26 hours of inactivity in a massive gas chamber flying through the sky we were amping to get on the bikes, not really, but what choice did we have. Upon exiting the behemoth international terminal 5 of Heathrow we umm’d and arr’d about where best to set up our bikes, settling on a nice little nook. The gear explosion was complete, bikes were taking form, GoPro on, and then comes the bad news “excuse me, you do realise it’s impossible to ride out of here?” “NO!, wtf do you mean?!” turns out a 500m tunnel of death is the only road out of the airport – fail… So after multiple elevators, fire exits and corridors we found ourselves begging disgruntled bus drives to transfer us through this short but deadly obstacle.

Tired, excited and hungry we wheeled into our first WarmShowers hosts house, a beautiful family home in Esher. Matt and Josh welcomed us warmly with pizza, beers and good company. Tamy the mother of these two, was an equally qualified host ensuring we had all the coffee, croissant’s and doughnut peaches (amazing) we could eat for breakfast. Staying with these folks reinforces my understanding of the benefits of avoiding hotel’s & hostels.

High tide on the Thames

We successfully navigated our way through the heart of London! What a mission… But still very impressed with cycle lane network and infrastructure. Need to figure out better mapping systems – so far only have phone cable tied to handle bars.

Regent Street

With the blue sky out we took to the streets for a day of being tourists, so did a few million others! The streets were insanely packed. Had some good laugh’s doing my signature sheep bleating sound when standing in large lines. We soon tired of this and organised to meet and drink cold beverages in the park, much better idea.

Hyde Park. Lond turning on the sunshine. Great seeing old friends.

Naturally cold beverages in the park led to the mission of sampling the best beers on offer from all pub’s in a 2km radius.


Which naturally ends with steamed pork buns.

We both really liked London. It is clearly a very affluent city with plenty of history, pride and vibrancy. Moving around via bike opened a new perspective for us, you develop a better picture of the place seeing all the back streets and buildings from a slow breezy roll-by than through a glass window of car or bus. Looking forward to what this means for the rest of or travels.

First impressions of cycle touring: We can do this.


  • Thanks to the Costain family. Such a great place to overcome jet lag and settle in.
  • Big thanks Kerry and Bruce for hosting us in your wicked apartment in Greenwich.

2 thoughts on “London Town

  1. Sandra Martin

    Awesome blog. Thank you. I felt as though I was with you and yet so profoundly grateful that I wasn’t. Henry and Alexandra would love it. Me – more of a 5 star kinda gal.

    Liked by 1 person

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